Open letter to my son’s – A mother’s promise

It’s no secret that when I found out I was having 2 boys, there was a little bit of “gender disapointment” followed by relief that I don’t have to go through the teenage years with 2 16 year old girls.

It was in the same breathe, I suddenly became strongly attached to my unborn sons, after months of disconnection to my pregnancy prior to our gender reveal. They were no longer babies inside me, they were Braxton and Brooks, right from the start. We knew their names before we knew their genders, including which baby would have which name.

“To my boys, I promise to first off, always love you unconditionally. I promise to show you love, affection, emotion and teach you that you’re allowed to show and feel all the same things. I promise to teach you it’s okay to cry, and be the shoulder to cry on when you need it. I promise to never come from a place of judgement, but ask “why?” and to truly listen. I promise I will never let you down, and will advocate for you in any way possible. And when you’re old enough, I promise to teach you to advocate for yourself, and stand behind you when you need the push, and beside you when my help. I promise to let you choose between sports, the arts or whatever our heart desires without placing my own interests first. I promise to let you have mega blocks, but dollies too. I promise to teach you how to love and respect a woman, and I promise to teach you how to be the best your best self you can be for your future wife or husband. I promise to not project my childhood traumas onto you, but to better myself and grow from them. I will teach you it’s okay to have self doubt and a pity party, but I’ll teach you the tools to pick yourself right back up. I will teach you my infamous line , it takes $0 to be a good person. I promise to kick your ass when you’re not trying hard enough, and push you to be better. But I promise to come at it from a place of love and understanding. I will teach you morals, values, right from wrong, and that it’s okay to make mistakes, but I promise to ask you, what can we learn from this. I promise to bring light to the dark times in your life, and acknowledge your hardships. I promise to love you both, even when you can’t love yourself. I promise to be the absolute best mom I can be, and someday’s I know that means just showing up.

Most of all, I promise to never let you forget how much we love you and not let a day go by where I don’t remind you.

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